Joe Barnes. Credit: MBR

Kinlochleven is the place to be in 2018, with the Scottish Enduro Championships set to be hosted there next November.

Need a reason why? You obviously haven’t seen Glen Thomson’s video from this year’s Enduro World Series qualifier race held there in early November, which showcases Kinlochleven’s vicious terrain down the Mamores.

With huge rocks – characteristic of the Mamore and Nevis ranges – lots of streams to blast through and tight rooted sections, Scotland’s best enduro riders better be ready for the unforgiving tracks.

No Fuss told Aff Grid that the race, which is usually the main feature of the TweedLove festival, will now be moved around the country because “it was felt that to make it a more appropriate Champs event it should move venues around Scotland and other orginisers could host it. This time it is No Fuss that have it, and it will be in Kinlochleven.”

No Fuss added the race would be separate from the Scottish Enduro Series.

Joe Barnes, EWS rider for Canyon Factory Racing, told Aff Grid he likely wouldn’t be racing the event, but did add: “It’s a great venue. I organised the first enduros in Scotland [at Kinlochleven] over six years ago with No Fuss.


Credit: No Fuss

“For me, though, I will focus more on the [Scottish Enduro Series] than this event. I would think I won’t be racing but anything can happen!”

Meanwhile, Louise Ferguson, rising star in Scottish enduro and downhill, said she would be aiming to podium at this event in November.

She said: “The Kinlochleven enduro this year did not disappoint. The tracks are long, fast and loose. It’s different to any other type of riding around here and takes you into a sweet mountain panorama.”

“I’m hoping to get on the podium next year but the competition is stacked with loads of talented ladies so we will have to wait and see.”

Kinlochleven was the only UK-based qualifier for the EWS, with it being nicknamed ‘God’s Trail Centre’, and a backdrop that looks like something out of the Lord of the Rings – but west Scotland can be just as mythical.

Duncan Mackison, Chief Executive Jahama Highland Estates, said: “These championships add to the growing list of world-class events taking place in the Lochaber area and cement its reputation as the Outdoor Capital of the UK.

“We welcome participants to our beautiful and challenging landscape where they can responsibly enjoy the race whilst making a much appreciated contribution to the local economy.”

Scotland will also be hosting the British Enduro Championships in June as part of the TweedLove festival.

Posted by Ross Brannigan

“It is worth ascending unexiting heights if for nothing else than to see the big ones from nearer their own level.” - Nan Shepherd

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