Aff Grid.

Who are we? Well, currently we are a team of one; myself, Ross Brannigan. Aff Grid was born after I realised Scotland was immensely under-represented in outdoors and adventure media.

Sure, you have the tried and tested magazines for hiking, biking, climbing, snowsports and watersports, but none of them came from Scotland and focused on Scotland.

Some of us like to spend our time Aff Grid: whether that is sprinting out the office on a Friday to drive to the highlands and climb some mountains over the weekend; or getting a few days out of school to race some cyclocross; or taking a buddy for a multi-day canoeing adventure.

Aff Grid is the platform for you to read about and tell the stories of your wild times in Scotland’s incredible outdoors, find out hidden gems in the local trails, or read some creative pieces submitted to us.

As for myself, I have been hillwalking around Scotland since I was a wean, and along the way added mountain biking and road cycling to my hobbies. Soon, I hope to do some wicked multi-day gravel rides through Scotland’s wild spaces.

Y’know, take a little time to go Aff Grid.

If you want to get involved with me in writing, interviewing and photographing, email Aff Grid at affgridscotland@gmail.com.

You can also submit photos of your adventures on any social media using the hashtag #AffGrid.